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Shaoxing Vigour Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is a specialized company that has its own design, production. We are the first manufacturer have the 1.06M width production machine in china,also the manufacturer with the most 1.06M width production lines in china by far.and the The company focuses not only on the design but also the environmental concept. All the production adopted the international quality water-based ink and the DINP comes from Exxon Mobil of USA. We passed the Attestation of Chinese environment mark and have passed the CE certification and testing of all the testing organization. We have also passed the certification in the wallpaper industry, ISO9001,FSC certification. It also has the first-class research and development competence.

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  • Children's room wallpaper what color good-looking wallpaper wallpaper must be aware of

    June 07, 2021

    Children's room wallpaper what color good-looking wallpaper wallpaper must be aware of With the progress of the times, wallpaper has become an indispensable material for children's room decoration. Because the wallpaper is rich in color, it helps the child's growth and development. So, what color of children's room kids wallpaper looks good? What are the notes for wallpapers? Here we come together to understand it! First, children's room kids wallpaper what color looks good? 1. If you put red wallpaper on a large area of a child's room, it will affect your child's sleep, and at the same time it will keep the child in a state of excitement, so it is very unfavorable. But we can use red as the color of embellishment, so that we can create a strong sense of movement and give people a lively atmosphere. 2. Children's room wallpaper what color looks good? It is understood that the blue wallpaper can create a quiet living environment. The cartoon's blue wallpaper not only presents children with innocent fun, but also can develop children's thinking, so it is very suitable for children's growth and development. In addition, because blue is a quiet color, if the child has been living in such an environment, it will form a quiet character. 3. Finally, we can determine the color of the wallpaper based on the character of the child. For example, a child with an impatient temperament can choose an elegant wallpaper so that he can shape the child's healthy soul. However, when selecting wallpaper colors, dark colors must not be used because it is very unhealthy for the child's development.

  • Wallcloth or wallpaper is good to see this all understand

    June 07, 2021

    Wallcloth or wallpaper is good to see this all understand With the increasing richness of wall decoration materials, people nowadays have higher and higher requirements for wall decoration and have basically bid farewell to large white walls. Among the many wall decoration materials, wall coverings and wallpapers are more common. Then, in the end, Is wall cloth or wallpaper good ? I think that in many people's hearts there are such questions. After reading the article, you will probably know whether it is good wall covering or wallpaper. Good wallpaper or wallpaper 1. From the maintenance point of view: if the air is damp, the wallpaper is easy to breed bacteria, thus destroying the appearance of the house, and can not be repaired after the damage. The wall cloth is good in moisture resistance and air permeability, easy to clean after pollution, and is not easy to rub and damage. . 2. From the point of view of durability: The color of the wallpaper is poor in durability, and long-term use may damage the appearance of the interior. The wall fabric is made of polyester fiber so that it has a good fixing ability and can maintain the paving effect for a long time. 3. Comparison from the price: The

  • Kids Wallpaper

    May 22, 2021

    Kids Wallpaper Wallpaper It is a very widely used interior decoration material. Because wallpapers are characterized by various colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, and reasonable prices, and other characteristics that cannot be matched by other interior decoration materials, they have been widely used in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, and other developed countries and regions. . Because it has a certain strength, beautiful appearance and good water resistance, it is widely used in interior decoration of houses, offices and hotels. How about cartoon kids wallpaper ? As we all know, children are more like cartoons, and lazy sheep are positive people in Pleasant Goat and Grey Wolf. Lazy sheep do not love sports, because they are lazy, often push the matter to be tomorrow or push it to others, so he has a lot of time to sleep. Lazy sheep is always a "lightweight" look. Let's take a look at "lazy goat wallpaper _ lazy sheep pictures" below! Due to the particularity of the group, the children's room requires stricter selection than the general wallpaper. Children's perception of color is deeper than that of adults. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the matching of colors and patterns. 1. Hue of the children's room In the hue, the color of the children's room should be consistent with the unity, the color should be reasonable, and the unreasonable color matching will have a certain influence on the child's psychology. Therefore, when designing a color scheme, first, according to the child's own preferences, the artist should also have a certain choice in order to ensure the best effect of the color tone.

  • Home decor wallpaper which is good to buy wallpaper what to pay attention to

    April 22, 2021

    It has recently arrived in the season of renovation, the temperature is suitable, and it is particularly suitable for purchasing materials outside. Today we are going to talk about the wallpaper. It is currently one of the more mainstream products. It has many features such as colorful patterns, rich materials, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, convenient construction, and suitable price. So what kind of home decorating wallpaper is good, what should pay attention to buying wallpaper, follow SHAOXING VIGOUR DECORATION MATERIAL CO., LTD. together to learn what it is! Home decor wallpaper which is good 1, plain paper wallpaper As its name suggests, it is made from a mixture of grass, bark, and natural wood pulp. The biggest feature is environmental protection. No odor is produced after laying. Because of the good air permeability of the material, the wallpaper is not used for a long time and it is not prone to appear curled, moldy, or bubbled. In addition, its pattern is mostly made by the printing process, so the effect is more realistic and clear. 2, paper-based plastic surface wallpaper This kind of material is made of PVC surface and backing paper plus glue. It is characterized by its vivid pattern, strong three-dimensional effect, and good decorative effect. It is suitable for interior wall skirts, living rooms and corridors. Because its surface is coated with a layer of inorganic material, it has excellent fire performance, clea

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